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Video Promotion Lesson

VIDISEO provides a fantastic run through of how to promote your content.

Just Discovered: VideoInfluencers Channel

We just discovered the VideoInfluencers YouTube channel. It's awesome, full of great tutorials for up and coming video bloggers, as...

Get Your Videos Discovered with Keywords

VIDISEO gives an overview of how to research your keywords with a nice comedic twist.

Uploading a Video to Vimix

A quick demonstration of how easy it is to upload and edit a video with Vimix.

Paid Video Promotion by VIDISEO

VIDISEO gives a run through of paid video promotion

Video Marketing Trends by 90 Seconds

Did you know including video in email subject lines increase click through rates by 65% and reduce unsubscribes by one-fourth?

How to Get Experience (When You Have None)

Get experience for your next job or passion project even if you have nothing! Welcome to the Freedom Economy series!▽...

My Blogging Essentials [2017]

Sponsored: These are my blogging essentials for 2017! Grab your 7-DAY FREE TRIAL from Graphicstock! ➜ Tools ...


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Import your first videos

Adding existing videos to your site is this easy. Just search, import, and repeat as needed.


SIGN UP FOR #SSSVEDA: SHOP GEAR: MY NEW BOOK! Vlog Like A Boss: http://vloglik...

How to Optimize YouTube Titles: Amy Schmittauer Savvy Sexy Social Interview

How to Optimize YouTube Titles: Amy Schmittauer Savvy Sexy Social Interview I had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Schmittauer of...

How Does Amy Make Money?

Some people are often confused about my business model and how I make money because they assume I'm getting paid...

Video marketing statistics you can't Ignore

Video marketing is fast becoming the number 1 way to reach an audience. By 2017 video will be the number...